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icpc: error #10104: unable to open 'tbb_pLaCeHoLdEr'


I was trying to compile a boost+Intel TBB code using intel compiler (ICC-13.0.1) The TBB library is latest (4.2) and boost is 1.55.0. The code incorporates C++11 features and so I use the std=c++11 flag

I am getting this error: 

    icpc: error #10104: unable to open 'tbb_pLaCeHoLdEr'
    make: *** [driver.o] Error 1

My Makefile contents are as follows:
    INCLUDE_PROJECT = /home/aniketnp/multiproc/
    INCLUDE_BOOST   = /home/aniketnp/boost_1_55_0/
    TBB_L = /home/aniketnp/tbb42_20140122oss/lib/intel64
    TBB_I = /home/aniketnp/tbb42_20140122oss/include


     CXXFLAGS = -I$(INCLUDE_PROJECT) -I$(INCLUDE_BOOST) -I$(TBB_I) -L$(TBB_L) -tbb -lpthread -std=c++11

Could any body speculate what could be the possible error? 

1. The boost and TBB are in my home directory.
2. The ICC13.1 is loaded through a module in our cluster. 
3. The LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable correctly shows the TBB_L  variable in makefile (properly exported in the .bashrc file. 

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