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2469 Discussions not compiled with -fPIC for Linux x86-64?


I am using TBB under Linux and I just ran into the issue that is not compiled using the -fPIC option -- or in otherwords, the contains text relocations.

Text relocations are explained here:

You can verify that contains text relocations via running this command line:

[root@mtl-siqa23]# eu-findtextrel

Text relocations can result in SELinux policy warnings or errors. It is best these days to use the -fPIC option to avoid having text relocations.

I am somewhat new to Linux development, so maybe someone has a workaround or is there something I am not understanding?

If I am understanding correctly, it would be great if was recompiled such that there were no text relocations.

I am using the commercial version of TBB and thus I understand that I can't just take the source to the open source TBB version and recompile it myself using the -fPIC option for my commercial use. (Although if that was allowed, it would be really nice.)

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Ben Houston
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This issue was fixed in TBB 2.2 update 1 by compiler upgrade.

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