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licensing for the indie nonlawyer

I'm a little lost. I can't afford an attorney to look into these things for me, and I don't understand the license information I read. My question is fairly straightforward though.

I'm an indie game developer, and I develop plugins for open source game creation tools. I was very excited when I found out about kaboom:

"# Take advantage of multi-core CPU's to produce a real-time multi-threaded fluid simulation.
# Not require a mastery of computational fluid dynamics to use it. We aren't experts in the field either!
# The source code should be free."

in one article he goes into detail and specifically says kaboom is free to use and modify for any use including commercial. Kaboom has tbb interwoven throughout it.

now when I come to the TBB site, it definitely doesn't seem free for commercial use. Is this so?

I don't think I need an attorney, I just have one simple question:

Can I create a plugin for a free open source game creation tool, that will require the TBB dlls to run? The licensing of said game creation tool allows users to create commercial games intended to be sold for profit. And the source code I will be using will obviously involve TBB code derived or copied from the aforementioned Intel Kaboom source code previously stated as being free for commercial use.

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You may find the relevant section of the open source Intel Threading Building Blocks Licensing FAQ to be helpful in coming to a conclusion regarding what is permitted here. It can be found at

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