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tbb example error with VS2019&2017 on 64bit windows 10



I am new in using tbb for parallel computing. I want to run the example in "\examples\GettingStarted\sub_string_finder". I did these in the following steps:

1. ran the \bin\tbbvars.bat by double clicks.

2. open the solution in \examples\GettingStarted\sub_string_finder\msvs\sub_string_finder.sln

3. the VS advices me to update some setting, I accept it. 

4. build the project

Then I got the error MSB3073. It happend in the Microsoft.CppCommon.targets. 

Error MSB3073    The command“call "D:\zw\CGAL\tbb2019_20190605oss\examples\GettingStarted\sub_string_finder\msvs\\..\..\..\common\copy_libraries.bat"  intel64 debug "C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\tbb_examples\x64\Debug\" :VCEnd” exited with code 1.

I check some webs and in the "". It related: "Looks like the projects in the solution set up Output and/or Intermediate directory to be under %TEMP% dir, which can cause problems with incremental build. To fix the working you need to change project properties. For more support please contact Intel."

So I change the intermediate and Output directory of the project. The error was given as before. 

"the command“call "D:\zw\CGAL\tbb2019_20190605oss\examples\GettingStarted\sub_string_finder\msvs\\..\..\..\common\copy_libraries.bat"  intel64 debug "D:\zw\CGAL\tbb2019_20190605oss\examples\GettingStarted\sub_string_finder\msvs\x64\Debug\":VCEnd” exited with code 1.

Now I have no ideas how to fix the error. Do I have to revise the Makefile or the "copy_libraries.bat"? 

Thank you for any suggestions.

Wei, Zhang

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I found a solution to modify the "PostBuildEvent Path" to an absolute path or copy the dlls manually and close the PostBuildEvent.

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