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using lambda expressions

Hello ,
I'm facing the next problem :
I'm trying to build tbbs with lambda expressions on a macbook. The problem is that the os uses the g++ 4.2.1 which does not support lambda expressions. I installed the g++ 4.6v following a tutorial that showed me to rename the new version and use it as my_gcc in order to avoid conflicts. The fact is that now i can write c++ code with lambda expressions but i can't have tbbs code with lambda expressions .
Any ideas ??
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It is not clear what version of TBB you're using. If you have a version 4.x please take a look at \Changes file for more information.

Here is some information regarding the lambda expressions from theChanges file:

- New tests were implemented, including test_lambda.cpp that checks
support for lambda expressions.

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Don't lambdas just work when you use the new compiler? They're supposed to be just a fancy way to create function objects, which are TBB's bread and butter, so...

Or are you referring to the TBB test and example code? In that case, get a recent TBB source distribution, like tbb40_278oss. In build/ change the definition of CPLUS to my_gcc. You may also have to add something to CPLUS_FLAGS to get the compiler to link with the C++ runtime library like you would with normal gcc vs. g++, but maybe that tutorial has more information on that. Substitute "#define __TBB_LAMBDAS_PRESENT 1" in src/test/harness.h, examples/concurrent_priority_queue/shortpath/shortpath.cpp, and examples/task_group/sudoku/sudoku.cpp. "make all", and report back how far you got.