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AMT 3.2.1 provisioning with SCCM SP1

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Last week, I freshed some Lenovo KTM8000 vpro machines to AMT 3.21 and provisioning with SCCM SP1. Some of them was successfully provisioned with SCCM SP1, but some of them in SCCM SP1 were showed "detected" and "Unprovisioned". Why same configuration make it difference? what I need to do?

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I recommend that you take a look at the oobmgmnt.log file on one of your clients that is not provisioning. It will give you the details on why the SCCM agent has not been able to kick off the provisioning process. If the oobmgmnt.log indicates that it has started the provisioning process, but the systems still are not provisioned, they you can take a look at the amtopmgr.log on the SCCM server to see what may be going wrong with the actual provisioning process itself.