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AMT • Keyboard over KVM doesn't work

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Hello all, I have a long standing issue with one of my home servers (which are basically just plain desktop computers). Here is the description of my home environment:

Server 1 - problematic

- Gigabyte GA-Q67M-D2H-B3 board with Q67 chipset [ ov link]

- Intel Core i5-2400 which supports vPro [ link]

- Newest BIOS from Gigabyte F7

- AMT version

Server 2 - OK

- Asus P8Q77-M2 board with Q77 chipset [ link]

- Intel Core i5-3470 which supports vPro [ link]

- Newest BIOS from Asus 0506

- AMT version

Common things

Both servers are properly configured (I guess). I can connect to both using Intel Manageability Commander Tool, I can also view the vPro built-in web page and they respond to ping properly. Both are on the same network in one subnet (

The problem

When I connect remotely to Server 1, I can't use my keyboard and mouse over KVM. I receive the screen and it is live - meaning when I do something on the keyboard connected locally, I can see it in my VNC viewer. However the computer or AMT does not receive my keyboard keystrokes and mouse moves.

When I connect to Server 2, everything works correctly, so it should not be a software problem on my side (i.e. a wrong version of VNC). I tried to use numerous applications and all of them exhibit this problem, so it must be something with Server 1.

I found a topic somewhere [/thread/24389 link] which states that I should enable Legacy USB in BIOS. I have this enabled already and it did not help in my case.

Question 1: How to resolve this problem?

Question 2: Is it possible to update my version of ME to a newer one? Gigabyte doesn't have a newer BIOS which also includes ME firmware, but I know there is already version Is it possible to download the binary file somewhere and flash it without Windows (like from a bootable USB)?

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To me it sounds like a board issue, so I would reccomend downloading and updating the firmware to the newest version, despite it being a windows executable.

The only other thing I can think of is some sort of port blocking issue, disable your fire walls and try again.

If all else fails contact Gigabyte's customer service.


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Hello, sorry for my late answer, I am a little busy lately. To your answers:

- It might be a board issue and I am sure if I bought a new one, everything would work. I just don't feel like buying a new MoBo, because this should work flawlessly in the first place. Another thing is, I really don't want to tear the whole computer apart to replace a component which works otherwise.

- As I wrote in my first post, I have the newest BIOS from Gigabyte (F7, see bios here). That is why I am looking into flashing AMT (or Intel ME) alone, if that is possible. I have to do some more reading.

- I will probably write to Gigabyte, but I am not sure I will get any help in this regard. It's worth a try though.

Too bad I did not buy an Intel motherboard at that time. And now they will cease to produce them.