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AMT for end-users


I am an end-user of a private home computer that has a Core i5 processor. The computer has AMT, and I notice that the Intel Local Manageability Service (LMS.exe) uses approximately 25% of my CPU at all times. It seems to me that LMS and AMT make no sense for me as an end user. Therefore, I have two questions that I was hoping the community could answer:

1. Does AMT offer any benefit to me as an end-user if the computer is only used for basic home use? If I uninstall AMT, what functionality will I honestly be missing?

2. If I want to uninstall AMT, how do I do it? I tried to go into the BIOS (it's an ASUS motherboard) but couldn't find any relevant menus related to Intel AMT. Can anyone advise me how to remove it, or at minimum stop LMS.exe from auto-executing and using up so much CPU performance?


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