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AMT status 'Detected' or 'Not Supported' - can't provision


Hello everyone,

I'm having some problems getting machines to provision. I'll try to give some background info about the envrironment.

I'm using SCCM SP1 and have installed the relevant hotfixes. I have a mixture of devices with different AMT versions, including 3.2.1, 4.0.8 and 5.2.0. I have a 3rd party provided provisioning certificate (from Verisign), and have enabled automatic provisioning.

I've read through a lot of the other posts on this site and have checked some of the things which have caused other people issues, but I have not been able to resolve this one. I can confirm that the DNS entries are correct (both forward and reverse), the required DHCP options are set (I also tried manually entering the IP information into the MEBX, but no dice), I have checked the certificate chain is valid and all dates are still OK. I have since set up a certificate from the internal CA, thinking tha there may have been a certificate issue, but again, no luck (of course I updated the hash value in the client MEBX and set the provision account in SCCM).

I've attached the relevent lines from the amtopmgr.log file (sanitised a bit). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have set up AMT before in a lab environment and had no issues at all, so I'm a little stumped at this point.

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