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Best management software for Vpro

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I have @ 1000 VPro enabled Pc's in @50 location connected through VPN network. I I would like to know,which is best software availble?

I know, there are four major vendor, SCCM, Landesk, Alitiris and HP. I need to know, what is most widly used software with all features?

I would like to know, Which method should I use for TLS? PPS or PKI? PKI is very complicated and requeires cerificate server. I am not sure, how enterprise CA integrate in head office /domain and subdomain environment. What will happen if Microsoft CA is unavailble for any reason, Am I going to loose full control on AMT device? Do I need backup CA at seperate site? Does it requires microsoft enterprise CA at central location or each branch location as well?



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Hi Soni,

We have an interactive software catalog that can help you choose a software vendor based on your needs. Please visit our Intel vPro Activation web site and click on Step 3: Find the Right Software. Once you choose your software, you can proceed to Step 4: Create a Customized Activation Recommendation. That will give you some ideas based on your network setup.

Michele Gartner

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