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Connecting SS4200-E with PC using Sata Port


I have bought SS4200-E for increasing my storage. I want to connect it to my PC using its e-Sata-Ports. Can I do this? If yes what are the configurations required?

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Re: Connecting SS4200-E with PC using Sata Port

Short answer, no. Yes, people did networking with SCSI (at least for Macs, back in the 10 mbps ethernet days), but I've neither seen nor heard of any other drive based networking. I googled around a little out of curiosity.

Here is a nice discussion of the issues:

From what I've seen, you generally get get disk speed from these, just make sure you have gigabit. Next perf increase would be to put an ethernet card in it (there is a port on the MB), so you can do large frames, which would buy you a bit.

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