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Creating Repair ISO's - what do you use?


One of the prior posts there was a discussion around how to build boot images 2508 . I think having a library of Images/ISO's available for your help desk is important. My question for the community is what do you use to create these ? do you have any examples you can share?

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This is a little outside of what you are asking about, but it fits in with the topic of boot ISO's for IDER sessions. The size of the ISO image is something to take into account. If you are looking to manage clients that are connected over slow links you don't want to have some monster 1 gig ISO image that has to be sent across that slow connection. You want to try and create a lean ISO image that does what it needs to efficiently. For instance, creating a more generic ISO that loads up DOS and a network stack that lets you then transfer files or run tools off of a local network share.

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