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Current capabilities on db65al board



I have a system with db65al motherboard and the intel upgrade application says the following upgrade is compatible: Level III Manageability for B65 express chipset. When I look at it with the manageability connector tool, it shows AMT 7.1, provisioning mode Enterprise, and provisioning state of Pre along with a bunch of CA certs.

Does this system currently have any manageability features? The fact that it's setup for Enterprise makes me think there are some features that are already available. Should I be able to get to the MEBX configuration on this system? I also tried using SCS 8 acu_wizard. Unconfigure is not an option "AMT is not configured on this system" and if I try to configure it it says "the caller is not authorized and Valid password for the default admin user not found".

If it currently has some capability, how do I get into the configuration so I can set the password. I've done it on other systems but I can't seem to get there on this one.


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