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D945GCL and SATA AHCI BIOS bug or what?


Here is the case.

Board Model




Board Version




BIOS Version



No matter what I choose in BIOS:

Use automatic mode -tested both variants enable disable

Use Serial ATA - Enable

ATA/IDE Mode -Native

Primary Channel -tested both variants enable disable

ICH7 controller is in legacy mode,have hardware id 8086:27C0

So question is where is Native SATA AHCI support?

Using Intel Integrator Toolkit there is one option available

Configure SATA as AHCI/IDE/RAID but even after that in BIOS that option is not available and even selected as default AHCI in integrator and install settings there are no effect.

I see on some reports about other D945GL boards used by some OEM there is that option available in bios,for that boards,seems for Intel one's is not.

What can be done to enable real SATA support?

Is a bios bug or what?Is not right to see that and try to use and then see it's just a dummy switch implemented in bios with no effect overall.

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