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DG45ID Wount load OS


Hi guys,

I have a strange issue which i hope to get an aswear for, before i spend anouther 5-10 hours trying to figure it out.

GOAL: Build a RAID5 workstation (nothing fancy)


x1 Intel Core 2 Duo (2.66Ghz FSB1333)

x1 Kingston Value 4gb Kit

x3 WD 250Gb HDD 7200rpm RE3 (Raid Edition)

x2 Pioneer DVDBurner

x1 CoolerMaster Centurian 5 case (with 460watt PSU)


x1 Vista Ultimate 64

PROBLEM: OS Loads fine onto RAID5, it get to the stage of providing Username and computer name etc. When you click Complete install, it Set up your profile for the first time and as normal shuts down and reboots. The ISSUE is when it comes back up it cannot load from the OS it has a bunch of vista loading text and then just hangs with a flashing cursor. Sometimes the text sais unrecognisable boot block or boot partition or something along that line. It dose see the OS but cannot load it.


RAID1 - Same issue

RAID5 - Same issue

No RAID (stand alone drive load) - Same issue

SATA Slots: Populated 0-2 with HDD and 3,4 with SATA DVDRW - Same issue

SATA Slots: Populated 2-4 with HDD and 0,1 with SATA DVDRW - Same issue


IDE MODE: Tried ALL IDE modes when not using raid. Same issue.

MEMTEST: Ran memtest for 8 full loops of the 4gb Kit no problems. No issues with POST, no issues with Full install.. just wount load back up into the OS.

I'm stuck... HELP!

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