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Deploy Certificates to AMT-Clients


Hi @ all,

I planned to use Intel AMT on the Clients to enable an Out of Band Management.

But unfortunately i didn't found all the answers for my questions. It will be implemented in an Microsoft server environment with AD, WSUS, SCCM etc.

Which component will deploy the certificates to the AMT-Clients, does the Certificates will be deployed by the SCCM or by the normal Certificate Server.

Maybe anyone of you could explain me, how the certificates will find their way to the AMT-Clients

Thanks in Advance


(Sorry for my English)

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Hi Kevin,

In this scenario that you explained, SCCM act as a proxy between AMT-clients and your internal CA to issue TLS certificates. However, I would like to to advise you that exist a compatibility issue for provisioning *only*, between AMT 9 and beyond with SCCM - What I would recommend you is use Intel SCS for provisioning, it won't affect SCCM capability to manage these AMT-client machines - you can use this add-on for integration.

You will also found further documentation about this process in User Guides with these components and do not hesitate to send us your questions/doubts.

Best Regards!

-Bruno Domingues