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Deploying Windows Vista and Windows 7 on Dell Latitude E6500 with SCCM 2007


Dear Expert,

For Two weeks I have been trying to deploy Windows Vista and Windows 7 on Dell Latitude E6500, E4300, M6400 with SCCM 2007. I injected the driver that came with the system into the boot image and tried to Build and Capture an image from the E6500 but it stops at Apply Operating System with error code 0x80070002. All the suggestion I have read points to the fact that the network driver for this model has been upgraded on the Intel site. I downloaded the 82567LM dated September 2009. I extracted the files from the exe file and pointed the SCCM driver configuration to the folder that contains all the upgraded driver files. When the system boots up to apply Operating System again, still came up with the error 0x80070002.

I have captured and deployed Vista image from/to other Dell models (GX620, GX270, D600, D420) successfully using the injected nic drivers.

Could any help with this problem as Dell, Microsoft and Intel seem not to be aligning on the proper network driver for the new Dell models.

Please Help

Kolapo Agarau

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