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Dual Boot D865PERL from IDE drive and SATA drive?


Hi guys,

I have the d865 perl mobo. I want to be able to boot from my IDE drive as well as my RAID0 SATA drives. When I go to the BIOS I do not see an option in the boot priority for the IDE drive. My IDE drive is set to master. I'm not sure what BIOS configuration I will need to accomplish this. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there,

Well regarding your query, i have done that on one of the Intel Desktop Board DQ965GF.

I will explain to you how I have done that as a test recently. It must similar thing for the board.

Components used:




Board DQ965GF


1 IDE Drive 30 GB


2 SATA HDD Drive


- 30 GB - connected to SATA Port 0


- 250 GB - connected to SATA Port 1


1 SATA Optical Drive - connected to SATA Port 5 (last port)

I went into the BIOS:


Advanced >> Peripheral Configuration >> PATA Controller Enabled


Advanced >> Drive Configuration >> Configure SATA as IDE


Boot >> Boot Menu Type>> Advance >> Put the Optical Drive First


Save and Exit

Insert the Operating System like Windows XP. (if you intend to install XP and Vista, do the XP installation first as Vista has another DUAL boot features

Emergency Management Services (EMS) technology )

Install your Windows XP on the IDE drive.


Once installation is complete, go to my computer, rename the drive to Windows XP as a reference.

Restart the system.

Go into the BIOS again now.


Advanced >> Drive Configuration >> Configure SATA as RAID


Boot >> Boot Menu Type>> Advance >> Put the Optical Drive First


Save and Exit

Press Ctrl + I to construct the RAID.


Raid 0 in Intel Matrix Storage


1. Ctrl + I to enter the RAID Bios


2. All disks need to be NON-RAID.


3. Select Create Raid Volume


4. Enter a name for the Raid Volume


5. Select Raid 0 for the Raid Level


6. Select a Strip Size


7. Select the Volume Capacity


8. Select Create Volume


9. Exit

Boot to CD Operating System Windows Vista.


Install the OS on the raid drive (in my case it is the 55 GB - note it is easy to identify the drive as the previous IDE was renamed to Windows XP)


Installation done, reboot you will have dual boot, Earlier Version of Windows or Microsoft Windows Vista

Note: there are some software that allow you to make dual boot as well.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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