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How to add wireless AMT to current wire AMT system


Hi vPro expert,

I have a running AMT 4.0 desktop system and I want to add wireless AMT support.

So, I add intel WiFi 5100 AGN wireless card thru a PCIe X 1 adaptor in PCIe X 1 slot.

How do I configure wireless AMT work with intel WiFi 5100 AGN wireless card?

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Community Manager

Franky, your desktop system has all the AMT features built into the chipset - adding a Intel wireless card will NOT support AMT. while we do have wireless support in mobile systems its due to the embedded ME engine in the chipset - a stand alone wireless card does not have the infrastructure.

Community Manager

Does it mean that to support AMT a desktop must have an integrated (onboard) Intel WiFi card?

Community Manager

Frankly, I'm puzzled by your initial statement: Intel AMT 4.0 was a Mobile technology. Unless you are using Mobile-on-Desktop, you would either have Intel AMT 3.x or 5.x. With Intel AMT 6 they became merged.

Having said that, the desktop chipsets do support Wireless AMT via specific Intel Wireless mini-PCIe cards, such as the Centrino Advanced-N6205. This has been supported since around 2011. Of course, your board must have the mini-CPIe card slots with C-Link signals routed to them. This is the main reason full-size PCIe wirelss cards will not work with Intel AMT as the C-Link signals are not routed to any of the regular PICe lanes. It would require an external cable from the card to a connector on the motherboard specificfally for this purpose.


I too am confused by the reference to AMT 4.0 being a desktop system.

Regardless as to this confusion, wifi can be enabled by 2 methods if wifi access can be configured.

  1. Creating a new provisioning profile with the wifi settings configured and then reprovisioning the client
  2. Entering the WebUI thru the wired interface and configuring the wireless settings thru the web interface.
    1. Login in http://clientfqdn:16992/ http://clientfqdn:16992 - use 16993 if in tls mode
    2. Select wireless settings
    3. Select Enableed in S0,SxAC and then select "submit"
    4. Select New
    5. Provide Wireless Settings
    6. Select Submit