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IAANTmon.exe high CPU use



I'm new to this forum so please be gentle! Apologies if this got posted to the wrong place.

I have an ASUS Deluxe X99 mother board with an Intel 5820 and 32GB of RAM. I recently installed a RAID1 array with 3 WD RED 4 TB SATA 3 drives as a data array using IRST through the MOBO Intel controller. There are also 2 SATA CDRWs plugged into the Intel SATA controller.

I am using a 240GB SSD as my boot drive and I have 3 Seagate and one Hitachi SATA drives as non RAID disks on the other MOBO SATA controller.

I am currently running Windows 7 64-bit.

Everything works fine, however, looking in perfmon the IAANTmon.exe process eats about 8% of the CPU in an otherwise idle system. This seems excessively high to me. I am well backed up so I tried killing the process and as expected the CPU load dropped by 8%, and the RAID array kept on working fine (as far as I could tell). Before I break down my RAID array I was wondering if this can be fixed.


Does anyone know why this process uses so much CPU?

Does anyone know whether it is a configuration problem, with the CDRWs?

Any ideas on how to fix it?

Does it even really need to run? i.e. will the RAID array work correctly without it? Is it just for monitoring? Can I just stop the service from running?

Thanks for your help!


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