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Intel 82566 DM Gratuitous ARP Storm with DHCP



I hope someone could help me. I have the following problem with the Intel 82566 DM Network Adapter on Windows XP SP2 (also posted on HP dc7800 Forum).

After rebooting PC or enabling / disabling network interface the DHCP renewal process will take up to 2 minutes, ultimately fail and cause a flood / storm of Gratuitous ARP messages (who-has IP x.x.x.x etc) sometimes lasting up to 2 minutes and totalling up to 1GB.

This massive volume of broadcast traffic in turn causes 100% CPU spikes on our Cisco switches, which in extreme cases can cause temporary routing outage. All very undesirable events you may agree!

I am suspicious of the Intel AMT software in this case and have tried the following to resolve (with mixed success!).

Disabled Intel ME Engine (BIOS)

Disabled Wake on LAN (BIOS)

Disabled PXE ROM Download (BIOS)

Disabled Magic Packet WON (Adapter)

Disabled Directed Packet (Adapter)

Disabled Intel Management Engine (Device Manager)

System setup is as follows;

Client OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2

PC Model: HP dc7800 Series

Network Card: Intel 82566 DM

DHCP Server: Linux DHCPd

Switch Infrastructure: Cisco Catalyst 4500 with Supervisor V (DHCP Snooping is enabled on this VLAN)

So far i've been guessing as to the problem / solution and what i'm really need is a more concrete answer as to what is happening and why.

An definite and / or official solution would be great as well!

Thanks a lot.


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