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Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) requirements


Looking to build a system I can remotely power cycle.

Intel AMT seems to be the thing I need to this, which requires a VPRO-enabled cpu and a Q87 chipset.

Does it also require any else on the mobo or is that sufficient? ie are all systems with a vpro cpu and a q87 chipset enabled for AMT? The manuals and spec sheets I'm seeing for Q87 boards are very non-specific about this, Asus, for example saying about their Q87M board bios settings:

iAMT H/W is always enabled. This option just controls the BIOS extension execution. If

enabled, this requires additional firmware in the SPI device.

As, as far as I can tell, the SPI device is the q87 itself, this seems out of place.

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Intel AMT will defiantly enable you to do remote power cycling, and much more. vPro requires two components, a vPro capable CPU (i5 or i7) and chipset. Also, the OEM will need to enable the Intel Management Engine in their BIOS.

The best place to verify if your CPU and chipset selection are vPro capable is at Intel's ARK website. ARK | Your Source for Intel Product Information

To verify if the OEM has enabled the Intel Management Engine in their BIOS you will need to contact them directly.

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