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Intel DX38BT Bone Trail won't boot with the nvidia fx 295 bios 1997 is outdated

Community Manager

Ok guys that want to run the best video card out there.

This video card the Nvidia FX 295 dual GPU card is incapatable with the Intel DX38DT Bone trail.

And there is no new bios update to make this video card work.

I have talked to Intel on the phone and they are working on this issue right now.

Does anyone have the same issue.

I have been waiting for a month already with no luck.

They fixed the problem with the XFX 280. I am running that card right now.


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Community Manager

Hi i have a dx38bt too but i dont know if will wor whit a GTX 580 or a some follower pci-e 3.0?

Please someone who knows.