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Intel EMA 1.9 fresh device - provisioning does not work




I have a brand-new HP 800 G8 desktop. Intel AMT was never provisioned on that device before.

I installed Intel ME_SW_2216.16.0.2805 driver and Intel EMA agent.

EMA is configured in CIRA, admin-mode. PKI certificate is from DigiCert.

But machine fails to provision.


Logfile "C:\Program Files\Intel\EMA Agent\EmaAgent.log" shows:

[2022-12-27 12:34:56.287 PM] \Agent\MeshManageability\agent\core\meshctrl.c:1135 Packet is not encrypted correctly or uses an old key. Last error: 0


Logfile in EmaWebApiLogs folder on server shows

2022-12-27 11:22:15.0514 [ERROR], Message: Unexpected failure getting AMT platform capabilities of an endpoint 0017A9BF9E0E3BFD4DCA75804B9013431DC70F40AD7642CF2CDDD2E1A4729CF8, Exception:System.NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at MeshWebCore.WebApi.Models.Repositories.EndpointRepository.<GetEndpointAmtPlatformCapabilitiesAsync>d__13.MoveNext()



Output of C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\EMAConfigTool\EMAConfigTool.exe -v command:

Intel EMA Configuration Tool
Application Version:
Scan Date: 12/27/2022 1:25:30 PM

*** Host Computer Information ***
Computer Name: <hostname>
Manufacturer: HP
Model: HP EliteDesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini PC
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10500T CPU @ 2.30GHz
Windows Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
BIOS Version: S21 Ver. 02.13.00
UUID: 4140F0BB-4E57-406A-8AA0-17E630B9B4DC

*** SMBIOS Information ***
AMT Supported: True
AMT Enabled: True
SMBIOS ME SKU: Intel(R) Full AMT Manageability
SMBIOS ME Version:
KVM Supported: True
SOL Supported: True
USB-R supported in BIOS: True
RSE Supported: True

*** ME Information ***
SKU: Intel(R) Full AMT Manageability
State: Not Provisioned
Control Mode: None
Driver Installed: True
Driver Version: 2210.2.80.0
PKI DNS Suffix: Not Found
LMS State: Running
LMS Version: 2210.2.80.0
MicroLMS State: NotPresent
EHBC Enabled: False

*** ME Capabilities ***
AMT in Enterprise Mode: True
TLS Enabled: False
HW Crypto Enabled: True
Current Provisioning state: PRE_PROVISIONING_STATE
NetworkInterface Enabled: True
SOL Enabled: True
IDER Enabled: True
FWUpdate Enabled: False
LinkIsUp state: True
KVM Enabled: False
RSE Enabled: False

*** Power Management Capabilities ***
Supported Power States:
5: PowerCycle_Off_Soft
8: Off_Soft
2: On
10: Master_Bus_Reset
11: NMI
4: SleepDeep
12: Off_Soft_Graceful
14: MasterBusReset_Graceful
Power Change Capabilities:
2: On
3: SleepLight
4: SleepDeep
7: Hibernate
8: Off_Soft

*** CIRA Information ***
CIRA Server: Not Found
CIRA Connection Status: NOT_CONNECTED
CIRA Connection Trigger: USER_INITIATED

*** ME Wired Network Information ***
Wired Interface Enabled: True
Link Status: Up
IP Address:
MAC Address: 38:CA:84:BF:35:14
DHCP Enabled: True
DHCP Mode: Passive
DNS Suffix (from OS): <domain>

*** ME Wireless Network Information ***
ME Wireless Interface Not Detected

*** Root Certificate Hash Entries ***
Root Cert 1: Go Daddy Class 2 CA, SHA256, C3:84:6B:F2:4B:9E:93:CA:64:27:4C:0E:C6:7C:1E:CC:5E:02:4F:FC:AC:D2:D7:40:19:35:0E:81:FE:54:6A:E4, Active, Default;
Root Cert 2: Go Daddy Root CA-G2, SHA256, 45:14:0B:32:47:EB:9C:C8:C5:B4:F0:D7:B5:30:91:F7:32:92:08:9E:6E:5A:63:E2:74:9D:D3:AC:A9:19:8E:DA, Active, Default;
Root Cert 3: Comodo AAA CA, SHA256, D7:A7:A0:FB:5D:7E:27:31:D7:71:E9:48:4E:BC:DE:F7:1D:5F:0C:3E:0A:29:48:78:2B:C8:3E:E0:EA:69:9E:F4, Active, Default;
Root Cert 4: Starfield Class 2 CA, SHA256, 14:65:FA:20:53:97:B8:76:FA:A6:F0:A9:95:8E:55:90:E4:0F:CC:7F:AA:4F:B7:C2:C8:67:75:21:FB:5F:B6:58, Active, Default;
Root Cert 5: Starfield Root CA-G2, SHA256, 2C:E1:CB:0B:F9:D2:F9:E1:02:99:3F:BE:21:51:52:C3:B2:DD:0C:AB:DE:1C:68:E5:31:9B:83:91:54:DB:B7:F5, Active, Default;
Root Cert 6: VeriSign Class 3 Primary CA-G5, SHA256, 9A:CF:AB:7E:43:C8:D8:80:D0:6B:26:2A:94:DE:EE:E4:B4:65:99:89:C3:D0:CA:F1:9B:AF:64:05:E4:1A:B7:DF, Active, Default;
Root Cert 7: Baltimore CyberTrust Root, SHA256, 16:AF:57:A9:F6:76:B0:AB:12:60:95:AA:5E:BA:DE:F2:2A:B3:11:19:D6:44:AC:95:CD:4B:93:DB:F3:F2:6A:EB, Active, Default;
Root Cert 8: Cybertrust Global Root, SHA256, 96:0A:DF:00:63:E9:63:56:75:0C:29:65:DD:0A:08:67:DA:0B:9C:BD:6E:77:71:4A:EA:FB:23:49:AB:39:3D:A3, Active, Default;
Root Cert 9: Verizon Global Root, SHA256, 68:AD:50:90:9B:04:36:3C:60:5E:F1:35:81:A9:39:FF:2C:96:37:2E:3F:12:32:5B:0A:68:61:E1:D5:9F:66:03, Active, Default;
Root Cert 10: CA (2048), SHA256, 6D:C4:71:72:E0:1C:BC:B0:BF:62:58:0D:89:5F:E2:B8:AC:9A:D4:F8:73:80:1E:0C:10:B9:C8:37:D2:1E:B1:77, Active, Default;
Root Cert 11: Entrust Root CA, SHA256, 73:C1:76:43:4F:1B:C6:D5:AD:F4:5B:0E:76:E7:27:28:7C:8D:E5:76:16:C1:E6:E6:14:1A:2B:2C:BC:7D:8E:4C, Active, Default;
Root Cert 12: Entrust Root CA-G2, SHA256, 43:DF:57:74:B0:3E:7F:EF:5F:E4:0D:93:1A:7B:ED:F1:BB:2E:6B:42:73:8C:4E:6D:38:41:10:3D:3A:A7:F3:39, Active, Default;
Root Cert 13: VeriSign Universal Root CA, SHA256, 23:99:56:11:27:A5:71:25:DE:8C:EF:EA:61:0D:DF:2F:A0:78:B5:C8:06:7F:4E:82:82:90:BF:B8:60:E8:4B:3C, Active, Default;
Root Cert 14: Affirm Trust Premium, SHA256, 70:A7:3F:7F:37:6B:60:07:42:48:90:45:34:B1:14:82:D5:BF:0E:69:8E:CC:49:8D:F5:25:77:EB:F2:E9:3B:9A, Active, Default;
Root Cert 15: DigiCert Global Root CA, SHA256, 43:48:A0:E9:44:4C:78:CB:26:5E:05:8D:5E:89:44:B4:D8:4F:96:62:BD:26:DB:25:7F:89:34:A4:43:C7:01:61, Active, Default;
Root Cert 16: DigiCert Global Root G2, SHA256, CB:3C:CB:B7:60:31:E5:E0:13:8F:8D:D3:9A:23:F9:DE:47:FF:C3:5E:43:C1:14:4C:EA:27:D4:6A:5A:B1:CB:5F, Active, Default;
Root Cert 17: DigiCert Global Root G3, SHA256, 31:AD:66:48:F8:10:41:38:C7:38:F3:9E:A4:32:01:33:39:3E:3A:18:CC:02:29:6E:F9:7C:2A:C9:EF:67:31:D0, Active, Default;
Root Cert 18: DigiCert Trusted Root G4, SHA256, 55:2F:7B:DC:F1:A7:AF:9E:6C:E6:72:01:7F:4F:12:AB:F7:72:40:C7:8E:76:1A:C2:03:D1:D9:D2:0A:C8:99:88, Active, Default;
Root Cert 19: GlobalSign NP RSA CA 2018, SHA256, 67:54:0A:47:AA:5B:9F:34:57:0A:99:72:3C:FE:FA:96:A9:6E:E3:F0:D9:B8:BF:4D:EF:94:40:B8:06:5D:66:5D, Active, Default;
Root Cert 20: GlobalSign NP ECC CA 2018, SHA256, 72:24:39:52:22:CD:58:8C:4F:26:83:71:69:22:AD:DB:41:E3:9B:58:1A:C3:4F:A8:7B:39:EF:A8:96:FB:B3:9E, Active, Default;
Root Cert 21: GlobalSign Root CA - R3, SHA256, CB:B5:22:D7:B7:F1:27:AD:6A:01:13:86:5B:DF:1C:D4:10:2E:7D:07:59:AF:63:5A:7C:F4:72:0D:C9:63:C5:3B, Active, Default;
Root Cert 22: GlobalSign ECC Root CA - R5, SHA256, 17:9F:BC:14:8A:3D:D0:0F:D2:4E:A1:34:58:CC:43:BF:A7:F5:9C:81:82:D7:83:A5:13:F6:EB:EC:10:0C:89:24, Active, Default;
Root Cert 23: GlobalSign Root CA - R6, SHA256, 2C:AB:EA:FE:37:D0:6C:A2:2A:BA:73:91:C0:03:3D:25:98:29:52:C4:53:64:73:49:76:3A:3A:B5:AD:6C:CF:69, Active, Default;


Please help.


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I had this issue on a device - I had to reset AMT chip completely before it would provision (see post below).

Solved: Intel EMA Provisioning: "Packet is not encrypted correctly or uses an old key. Last error: 0" - Intel Communities



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