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Intel SSD and Deep Freeze c.s.


I own an Intel X25-M 80 Gb with latest firmware and Toolbox. For years I have used Faronics Deep Freeze on various OS, including Win7.

Since I installed Win7 on the ssd in combination with Deep Freeze the following happens: after freezing and/or thawing the C: partition Firefox acts weird: when started up it goed to the "just-installed-page" instead of my usual homepage. Also Newsleecher is affected: It says that it is not registered (which is not true) and if I enter the registration a very short message says it can't be written to disk and advises me to use admin mode, in which I am. Deep Freeze is not the problem because I tried other programs with exact the same result ( Drive Vaccine, Rollback RX, SoMoDo, Returnil).

Any ideas??

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Installation Tip

At present, Deep Freeze does not operate with solid state drive (SSD)

disks. Please do not install Deep Freeze on PCs that have SSD disk drives

You might want to check EWF: Enhanced Write Filter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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