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Intel vpro remote desktop

I have enabled vpro on a linux server that I am because it is in a really hard place to get to. I do not care about what I need to do to get this setup but I just don't know what I am missing. After I enabled it I was able to connect with a program called mashcommander. It will let me reboot the machine and do serial over lan but I can not get it to show me the desktop or show the bios screen to me nor does it seem to have the option. I know it is possible but not even sure if my hardware supports it. I have an optiplex 960 which this is setup on. If I need to use other programs I have no problems with that. I am just tired of having to pull out a monitor to keep troubleshooting this machine.

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Community Manager

Hi, hopefully this is a simple issue. Reading your post, I'm inferring because you have to "pull out a monitor to keep troubleshooting this machine" means that in normal operations, there is no monitor plugged into the video port, is this correct?



Second question is, are you using the on-board video, as opposed to a discrete graphics card?



If the answer is yes to the questions, AMT will see the video channel as closed when there is nothing plugged into it.



You will need to make a purchase for headless operation, something like:


Or DP or VGA depending on your video connector type.



This is also assuming you are using the onboard video and not a discreet video card, otherwise, KVM will not work.



Let me know if this helps.







Dear Intel,

I have tried this with both a monitor connected and not connected. I do not mind if I need to have a monitor connected at all times. The problem is it is behind a shelf so even with the monitor I am still having move the shelf. This machine does not have a discrete graphics card on it at all. I have an optiplex 960 which is an older machine. When I do the control + P to get into the settings I only see serial over lan option and do not see anything related to kvm. Does this machine support what I am trying to do?

Community Manager

Hi, you mention in your original post that you enabled vPro on the linux server and that you were able to connect via meshcommander, so based on this, the system is provisioned and you can remotely manage it.



On most systems, control P get's you to MEBx but there are cases where MEBx is in the BIOS. I'm curious as to understand why you are trying to get into MEBx as there is no option in there for performing remote KVM.



I explained in my post what was needed. Were you able to try this?