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Is it possible to Move X1 Carbon to Admin Control Mode?

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Hi, I'm trying to activate Lenovo X1 Carbon in my test environment using SCS8.1. I can activate it to client control mode using unified configuration method such like:

ACUConfig /verbose /output file aculog-3.txt ConfigAMT Wireless.xml /DecryptionPassword P@ssw0rd /AdminPassword mailto:P@ssw0rd P@ssw0rd

After that I want to move it to admin control mode by:

ACUConfig /verbose /output file aculog-4.txt MoveToACM /WMIUser vpro-lab1\AMTConfigService /WMIUserPassword P@ssw0rd /AdminPassword mailto:P@ssw0rd P@ssw0rd

But it failed.

I also use same profile, but while exporting it to xml, I fill in Credintial to RCS, and check "Put locally configured devices into Admin Control mode"

This time also failed with same error:

2012-11-28 14:12:30: Thread:2736(ERROR) : ACU Configurator , Category: OnboardNetworkCard Source: Src\WMIAccess.cpp : getMAC Line: 398: A call to this function has failed - (0xc000278b) (

That means ACUCOnfig is trying to find wired connection first?

Same attempts to my DQ77MK(Intel's mother board) are succeeded.

Is there any way to X1 Carbon to use with admin control mode?

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