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Is the Lenovo X1 carbon supported upon bootup with Intel AMT?


I'm having some challenges trying to get Intel AMT working upon bootup on the X1 Carbons. I can get it working on the other Lenovo models (T420, T430, etc.), but not the X1 with ethernet adapter. I've been utilizing AMT for other Lenovo devices, so I'm familiar with setting it up.


I can get the network dongle to connect via bootup via LAN option in the BIOS, so I'm assuming that AMT should be able to see/read those USB drivers for the network dongle? For the LAN bootup option, there is "Emuerating for ASIX USB dongle..." message that enables the X1 USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter and gets me an IP address.


However when trying to connect when utilizing Intel AMT (CTRL-P option) on the X1 Carbon, there are no network lights on the ethernet adapter. I've updated the Intel AMT management engine firmware, SOL driver, USB drivers, BIOS and other drivers to the latest version, but I can't still get it to connect (no network lights).

Any thoughts on why this isn't working?

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In order for either a wired or wireless adapter to communicate with the Intel Manageability Engine (Intel ME) while Out of Band (OOB), they need to be connected to a proprietary interface called the C-Link. This bus allows for communication regardless of the computers state. The X1 Carbon like some other Ultrabooks only have a built-in wireless card that is connected to this C-Link. This means OOB communication will only work on that wireless adapter.


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