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Issue With Dell E6410 vPro KVM Not Displaying Video

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Hi guys, did a search but couldn't bring anything up. Configured the AMT and am trying to use either UltraVNC or RealVNC. When connected to the laptop, if I move the mouse over the VNC sesion, I can see the mouse moving on the laptop (keyboard input works as well), but I'm not getting any video on the VNC session. Very odd. I called Dell, we updated the BIOS, Intel AMT, video card, but nothing helped. They eventually told me to call Intel.

It's a Dell e6410 which is on the list of support vPro machines. The video card is a NVIDIA NVS 3100M. As I've said, everything works fine from the web inteface using the Manageability Commander Tool, I'm just not getting any video through the KVM. Was hoping someone else had a similar issue or experience and could help out. Thanks!

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Hi Jimmy,

The reason you are not getting any video is because you need Intel Integrated Graphics and your model has discrete graphics (Nvidia).