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Issues with AMT on DQ57TM + i5-650


I have an Intel DQ57TM motherboard with Core i5-650. I configured AMT manually, enabling SOL/IDER/KVM. I'm getting the following issues with it:

1) attempts to enable SOL/IDER or to boot from IDE-R - make the system to disapper from the network - it just disconnects

2) KVM only works when system is booted into OS. Nothing can be seen from the console (black VNC-window) while in alpha-numeric mode (BIOS), although I can see the KVM-sprite in the upper-right corner of the client.

Tools used: Intel AMT DTK 6.0,10097.2, IMRGUI from latest AMT 6.0 SDK

Updating BIOS firnware to TMIBX10H.86A.0036 didn't help.


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