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Lenovo M58P's Showing Detected

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We are having difficulties provisioning Lenovo M58p workstations with AMT Firmware versions 5.0.2 and 5.0.3. The only way we have successfully provisioned an m58p is by resetting the MEBX from the BRIOS. We continually fail trying to provision via the SCCM agent. We have successfully provisioned other Lenovo models thorugh SCCM. Are there any known issues with M58p's or with firmware versions 5.0.x?

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As an update to our issue, we can successfullly provision new m58p's but not any that have been on the network for any length of time. The issue seems to between the One Time Password and SCCM 2007SP1 and it is similar to the self signed cert issue with firmware 3.2.1.


If the AMT HECI drivers have been installed on these computers then after 24 hours of being on the network the AMT port would be closed. I do not believe SCCM agent can handle the "Delayed" provision of AMT. i.e. to re-open the AMT port for provisioning. I believe this is the problem you are experiencing here.



Try running the Activator on the client you are experiencing the issue to reopen the AMT port. Follow-up and Refresh machine policies on the client so the client can get the Auto provision policy as soon as possible and trigger provisioning.

Replace "sccmfqdn" in the command below with the FQDN of your sccm server and the slash at the end of the name is important. This command will create a log file to show the setup and configuration "in-process". You will also see hello packets directed at the sccm server. Although hello packets are ignored the installed agent will trigger provisioning.

Activator /s https://sccmfqdn/ https://sccmfqdn/ /h /c

Download activator utility from here:

Activator will open the port for 6 hours. However, SCCM agent sets OTP (default) once every 24 hours so if these two windows do not match you might still have a challenge. Other may have some more ideas.

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Thank you. After running Activator with the syntax you provided we were able to successfully provision several m58p's remotely. We then created an SCCM package to deploy and execute the Activator tool on all m58p's over the weekend. We then followed that up with a script to trigger wmi and start in band provisioning on the workstations.

cscript sendsched.vbs {00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000000000120} ComputerName

We have now provisioned 90% of our m58p workstations. Thanks again for your assistance.