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Moving SCS to a new server


I am trying to migrate our SCS install to a new server, but I am having difficulty with the profiles. When I run the SCS Console on the new server I dont see any profiles. I checked the database and they are there, but the profile_xml column data appears to be encrypted. I found this relevant line in the RSCLog.log file:

2014-06-18 15:31:30: Thread:2404(ERROR) : RCS Server , Category: ProfileStorage Source: Src\ProfileStorageInternal.cpp : ProfileRepositoryNamespace::ProfileStorageInternal::LoadProfiles Line: 352: File decryption failed.

I am running version 8.2 of SCS in database mode with SQL Server 2008 R2 on Windows Server 2012 R2.

I backed up the database on the old server and restored it on the new server. Then I installed SCS 8.2 on the new server. I also tried installing SCS before importing the database, but got the same results. The service is running as the same domain user on both servers.

Is there an official method for migrating the SCS service to a different server?

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As a reminder, direct support from Intel engineers is available at

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