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Name Clarification - Intel(r) AMT Packet Decoder = Intel(r) vPro(tm) Packet Decoder


We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Intel(r) vPro(tm)Packet Decoder. This tool can be used for:

•A debug tool for development and testing, -help root-cause issues.

•Developers and validation teams can easily decipher and interpret AMT traffic.

Tool can be used to help accelerate activation of installed Intel vPro clients.

Description of the tool:

The Intel(R) vPro(tm)Packet Decoder is a debug / test tool for capturing and decoding AMT commands that are sent between, a management console and an Intel AMT platform. This application is designed to work either on the same system as the management console or on a separate system on the same local network as the console and the Intel AMT platform it manages. The Intel vPro Packet Decoder provides the ability to capture the Intel AMT commands sent between the management console and the AMT platforms it manages. The details of these packets are then decoded for viewing as a request - response pair.

We have posted this tool in the resources section of the Intel vPro Expert Center under resource document # 1302.

Intel's CSO Software Tools Team

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Now available via the Resource section on this community at


I just wanted to add that in my lab testing this is a good tool to decipher internet AMT traffic for provisioned client systems. If you plan on using the tool for unprovisioned client systems, you will not be able to see any packet messages.