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Newbie with vPro/AMT needs help on some usage with mounting ISO's and other misc things.


I'm trying to find the proper client needed to connect to the Q87 AMT desktops I have built for our company. I've found the Intel Platform Solution Manager and that appears to be the only program out there (after I found a bunch of open source programs that do the same thing).

However there seem to be some quarks with it.

1) Is there a better program than the Platform Solution Manager?

2) How can I tell if the network connection is 1Gb and not 10Mbps? It appears to only connect at 10Mbps.

3) If I create a partition (IE: Z:\) and load it with the ISO's I would typically need on that hard drive to do a reformat or troubleshoot (Like hirons, or WinPE, or Trinity, or the Windows install disk) how can I get the computer to boot to those local iso files?


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