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Pentium-M 1700 MHz Banias, does not throttle correctly



I have a HP NX7010 Business laptop with XP Pro SP3 installed. The CPU is a Pentium-M Banias 1.7GHz. If I enable stepping in BIOS, the cpu throttling does not work correctly. If I boot up with the power connected, it runs at 1.69GHz regardless of what power scheme I have selected. If I disconnect the power, regardless of what scheme is selected, the CPU runs at 1.69GHz. If I boot up with the power disconnected, Windows reports a cpu speed of 598MHz, regards of what scheme I select. Even if the power scheme selected is "Always On", the cpu speed reported does not exceed 598MHz. I tried HP Support but they did not have any answers. I'm using the latest BIOS for the NX7010 of F.55

If I disable stepping in BIOS, then the CPU runs at 1.69MHz as expected, regardless of the power being connected or disconnected.

Hope someone can help me to get CPU throttling working properly

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