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Q9650: Better with which: DG45ID OR DQ45CB?

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I want to purchase Intel Q9650 but I am confused about compatible MotherBoard. Your website recommends using it with Q45 Series Boards. (

I chose DQ45CB but then I learnt that even DG45ID supports the same processor but I could not find the comparison of the same processor with different MotherBoards.

I want to know:

  1. Which MotherBoard gives better performance with Q9650: DQ45CB OR DG45ID?

My interest in DG45ID grew because it supports HDMI but I am mainly concerned about performance otherwise. Please help.



Please let me know so that I may make the purchase accordingly.

With Regards,

Amit Saxena

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Bad news.

The only two motherboards available here are DP45SG and DG4DI. Both of them dont support Virtualisation (I could not find it in the product specification )

Guess I'll rather buy Q8200 with DG45ID as its almost half the price of Q9650.

I wanted to but Q45 as it supports Virtualization.

Any suggestions will highly be apreciated. Are you from India?

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if u look other posts about DG45ID problems, you should choice /products/desktop/motherboards/DP45SG/DP45SG-overview.htm DP45SG, /products/desktop/motherboards/DQ45CB/DQ45CB-overview.htm DQ45CB or /products/desktop/motherboards/DG45FC/DG45FC-overview.htm DG45FC if u like 45 series