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RAID Ready - Hard drive specification conflict


There appears to be a conflict in terms of the type of hard drive that should be used in a RAID Ready configuration.

RAID can indicate that standard hard drives have failed, when they haven't, due to the conflict between the error recovery routine used by RAID itself, and that used by the standard hard drive. It is recommended by hard drive manufacturers that RAID-specific hard drives be used in a RAID configuration, due to the fact that they have 'time limited error recovery' or TLER, to use the Western Digital term.

However, in a RAID Ready configuration, it is assumed that the user will have a single hard drive connected initially - which would have to be a standard hard drive, with non-limited error recovery. When that drive is migrated to a Raid 1 configuration, say, then that hard drive would need to be a RAID-specific hard drive, with time limited error recovery.

As hard drive manufacturers do not make hard drives that can be switched between 'non-limited error recovery' and time limited error recovery, how do Intel intend for this conflict to be resolved?

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