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Remote Configuration /w SCCM SP1 & AMT 3.0.1

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My Environment:

  • SCCM 2007 SP1 running in mixed mode on Windows Server 2003 SP2 Standard


  • Enterprise Root CA on Server 2008 Enterprise


  • Purchased provisioning certificate from Verisign as per procedure.


I've followed the 'Quick Start Install Guide for MS CfgMgr SP1 Out of Band Management Rev1_9.pdf' document to setup and configure vPro in my environment.

All of the clients I have already been deployed and are running AMT 3.0.1 (hp dc7800p's mostly), they have not been provisioned previously.

From the Quick Start guide I've installed the WS-Man translator which apparently is required to provision AMT clients prior to 3.2.1, it's from here I'm a little bit confused as to how I can remotely provision these machines without having to manually touch each one??

SCCM clients are already pushed out and functional on all these clients so I have means of remotely configuring each machine via command line.. there's several hundred machines though so manually touching each machine isn't an option..

I guess I just need the high level steps on what I need to do?? any URL's to walk through this would be greatly appreciated too!


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I would recommend working with your OEM and getting AMT Firmware 3.2.2. This resolves the self signed certificate issue introduced with firmware 3.0.1 and carried forward with firmware 3.2.1. You should be able to using existing software deployment (same method used for patch deployments) to push the firmware update.



Once the firmware update is complete, you should be able to provision the vPro client through Agent Based provisioning or Bare Metal (Out of Band Import wizard) without any additional steps.



--Matt Royer
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Thanks for the reply Matt, I thought that might be the case so I was trying to find the update on the HP website but haven't came up with anything...

is it something I'd need to specifically request from HP? or should it be available for general download?

and just to confirm... so until we're at v3.2.1 or higher we would have to manually touch each machine to provision?

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Awesome - Thanks!!

I've been to the website about 5 times looking for that and missed it everytime... was looking in the driver and system management area rather than the BIOS section! ...more sleep required I think..!


I can relate to needing more sleep. Let us know how it goes.

--Matt Royer

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I've been able to upgrade pretty much all of the clients to ME v3.2.2 now, however now I'm getting several hundred of the following errors in the SCCM console for the SMS_AMT_OPERATION_MANAGER component:

Message ID 7207

The out of band service point failed to discover with error 0x 0.


Possible cause: This condition can be caused by transient network connectivity errors. The credential used to connect management controller is invalid. The management controllers are in unavailable status.


Solution: Verify network connectivity is functional between the out of band service point and the management controller. Verify that the credential used to connect the management controller is valid. It may be necessary to reset the management controller to factory mode and provision it again.

I think this might be related to when 'discover management controllers' is run from the SCCM console but either way my clients are still showing up as Unprovisioned in the console despite their version etc being available.

It looks like SCCM can't authenticate to the MEBx but SCCM is supposed to try the default admin/admin and as far as I know these usernames and password have not been changed from defaults.. where is this password set? I've configured the Out of Band Management - MEBx Account settings to what I would like them to be..

These clients were deployed a month or two ago..



I've made some progress.. I now have 11 provisioned vPro clients, this number is slowly increasing (as with so many things with SMS it's just a case of waiting..) anyway I created a couple of collections in SCCM:

All dc7800's (vpro capable clients)

All Unprovisioned vPro Clients

All Provisioned vPro Clients

in the dc7800 collection all my machines are showing either Unknown / Not Supported / Not Provisioned or Provisioned.

I know that Not Supported in this case should mean that the hello packet has ceased after 24 hours as they are AMT capable so I'm trying to use the Activator tool to reenable the hello packet.

the command-line I'm using is:

Activator.exe /s http:///amtscs /t on /h

but I'm getting an error code of 7 that suggests it can't connect to the SCS..???

I've seen a couple of different posts that suggest using (for example):

Activator.exe /s http://vpro.demo.local/ /t on /h /c

Activator.exe /s http://vpro.demo.local/amtscs /t on /h /c

Activator.exe /s http://vpro.demo.local/amtscs_rfcg /t on /h /c

I get the same result with all of these, I'm thinking that seeing as the SCS is integrated into SCCM there may be a different http address I need to use??