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Researchers Found Another Major Security Flaw in Intel CPUs


Subject article posted January 12 2018

see Researchers Found Another Major Security Flaw in Intel CPUs - ExtremeTech

From what I can tell the VPRO and AMI interfaces are accessible from the internet. From other posts there have been "issues" reported previously!

So how can a user be certain that the cloud server they get from a Digital Ocean, RackSpace or similiar vendor can not be breached?

I was told by Digital Ocean that their KVM technology takes care of the Meltdown and Spectre problems but then I read that VPRO technology includes KVM interfaces. This is very troubling since there seems to be no credible information source!

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Hi Surlycanuck,



When security issues are discovered, Intel works closely to address the issues with our direct cloud service customers and the cloud service customers of OEM's such as Lenovo, Dell and HP.



We have been in direct contact with Digital Ocean and are working to ensure that their systems are secure.



Let us know if you have additional questions on this topic.
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