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SCCM Certificate Setup Question



In the configuration guide for Intel Vpro with Microsoft ConfigMgr under section 2.3 Summary of prerequisites required for OOB management

its says the following:

"3rd Party Remote Configuration Certificate on each OOB Service Point to provision Intel vPro


technology-based systems"

I need a little bit of clarification on this if possible

In our organisation we have a central primary site called A and a primary child site called B and a bunch of secondary branch sites used for package distribution points. Questions is should i be able to get all clients from all branches and site B provisioned through the central primary site A with one verisign certificate sitting on central primary site A or do i need another provisioning certificate elsewhere as well? I have purchase one certificate and i am now woundering if that is sufficient.

thank you


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If you can see both sites "primary site called A and a primary child site called B" as a single network then one provisioning certificate should be enough.

However if you see those sites like separate sites, you might need another provisioning certificate.

In any case, it is better for you to contact the company providing the certificates for further information on this matter since they are the ones that determine the way the certificates will work.

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