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SCCM Certificates required for child sites?


Good Afternoon all,

I am attempting to configure Wake on Lan for a customer who has multiple sites. We have purchased a provisioning cert from GoDaddy for the Central site server which also sefrves as the OOB management point for the site. So far provisioning has hit a few bumps (I'll be posting seperately about that) but some machines are provisioning. The site architechture is pretty simple. There is a central site with a few secondary sites below it, and a primary site below the central site, which also has some secondary sites below it. My question is, do I need to purchase another cert for the OOB management point in the primary site below the central site? If not, do I just import the sert I have now into the primary servers store?

Any and all help is appreciated.


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As long as the two OOB service points exist in the same DNS namespace, differing hostnames should not matter. You will need to import the certificate (include the certificate chain, and the private key, when you export it) directly into the properties page of the Out of Band Component Configuration node in the ConfigMgr console.


Trevor Sullivan