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SCCM activation error: Failed to Call CheckCertificate provider method, 80041001



I'm trying to activate some vpro's machines and I'm getting the error (in oobmgmt.log):

BEGIN oobmgmt 3/16/2011 8:38:33 AM 3976 (0x0F88)

Retrying to activate the device. oobmgmt 3/16/2011 8:38:34 AM 3976 (0x0F88)

Raising event: 

[SMS_CodePage(850), SMS_LocaleID(1046)]


instance of SMS_OOBMgmt_StartConfig_Failure




ClientID = "GUID:DAA40499-E821-4EAD-9EFF-EF12890FF65F";


DateTime = "20110316113834.022000+000";


ErrorCode = "1";


FailureCategory = "None certificate is valid between device and server certificate hash.";


MachineName = "MICP104533";


ProcessID = 1620;


SiteCode = "C02";


ThreadID = 3976;




oobmgmt 3/16/2011 8:38:34 AM 3976 (0x0F88)

Successfully submitted event to the Status Agent. oobmgmt 3/16/2011 8:38:34 AM 3976 (0x0F88)

Failed to Call CheckCertificate provider method, 80041001 oobmgmt 3/16/2011 8:38:34 AM 3976 (0x0F88)

END oobmgmt 3/16/2011 8:38:34 AM 3976 (0x0F88)

My machine is a DELL Optiplex 780. Running the MEInfo I get this info:

AMT SKU Found.


Intel(R) MEInfo Win Version:

BIOS Version: A01

Intel(R) AMT code versions:


Flash: 5.2.0


Netstack: 5.2.0


AMTApps: 5.2.0


AMT: 5.2.0




VendorID: 8086


Build Number: 009


Recovery Version: 5.2.0


Recovery Build Num: 1009


Legacy Mode: False

Link status: Link up


Cryptography fuse: Enabled


Flash protection: Enabled


Last reset reason: Global system reset


Setup and Configuration: In process


BIOS Mode: Post Boot

Error: The operation failed due to an internal error.


FWU Override Counter: Always


FWU Override Qualifier: Always


FW on Flash Desc Override: Disable


UNS Version:


LMS Version:


HECI Version:

Looking into the WMI class, through Powershell I get this:

PS D:\> $PrvSrv = [wmiclass]"root\ccm:CCM_PrvsMethodProvider"

PS D:\> $PrvSrv.CheckCertificate("74 2C 31 92 E6 07 E4 24 EB 45 49 54 2B E1 BB C5 3E 61 74 E2".Replace(" ",""))

__GENUS : 2


















__PATH :


dvcCert : 742C3192E607E424EB4549542BE1BBC53E6174E2


ErrorCode : 0


ErrorMsg :


ReturnValue : 0

So, I think I'm able to activate this device, but I still get the error in the SCCM Client activation.

Someone can help me to find out what's happening?

Thanks in advanced.


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Hi Perazza,

What provisioning certificate are you using? Check the thumbprint of the Root Certificate of the CA that issued your provisioning cert. If it is not one of the hashes that is currently shipping with our firmware, you will need to enter it manually.


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My provisioning certificate was correct. I just needed to wait until the activation process took place. I don't know what happened. But it's working fine now.


Tks for your reply
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