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SR1625UR Windows 2008 R2 installation issue

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Hi all,

I recently bought a Intel SR1625UR server 2nd hands.

Now I try to install Windows 2008 R2 64bit on this server but this wont work.

I can start the installation but at the last step "completing installation" it just hangs.

You see 3 dots moving so it's not freezed but it won't go any further.

Last it for about 8hours but no succes.

Anyone has an idea for troubleshooting? Or is this a known issue?

Any help is welcome! thanks in advance!!

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Sounds like it might be the NIC driver errata

Connect the 2 NICs to each other should let the instlation complete so you can update the drivers and firmware.

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Thank you so so much!

This one I shouldn't have figured out myself! Great and helpfull answer!

I tried doing the firmware updates using IDA but this wont work (not correct package?)


but I'm sure I downoaded the right package.because I tried to install that same package using EFI and that worked like a charm!

After the actions in the article mentioned everything worked just fine and I got a brand new clean 2008 R2 server running.

Again: thank you very much!