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System Defense Utility - Scan and Remote Control Issues


I have setup a few PCs around our organisation to trial Vpro and AMT features on our latest PCs. We currently don't have a Management Console solution so have been trying the Intel System Defense Utility (SDU) for the purposes of the trial. I have successfully provisioned the PCs and can logon to them using the AMT Webgui no problem. However when I try to scan for them using SDU it doesn't find them. Does it only find machines if they are in the same IP subnet as the machine used for scanning? When I add a machine manually to SDU, I can connect but get a network error and the features in the Remote Control tab of SDU are greyed out (for resetting, powering on/off the PC) - even tho I can access those options if I logon to the MC via the AMT webgui of the individual PCs. The webgui is fine but doesn't have as many options as SDU and it would be better if we can control them via a central console. The PCs are all Dell Optiplex 755. Thanks for any help/advice offered.

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