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Unable to Upgrade DH77EB Motherboard to 32GB


Hi ,

I have Intel DH77EB Motherboard bought year ago and was using with 24 GB (i.e. 8GB*3) RAM and running VMWARE EXSI 5.X directly on it.

Thought to add another 8GB RAM with same speed and type on Channel 1 Slot 1, but system fails to boot up don't even see Intel BIOS page, sometime I see only non-blinking cursor.

My RAM Specification and channel used.

RAM= Transcend 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz

Channel 0 Slot 0= 8GB

Channel 0 Slot 1=8GB

Channel 1 Slot 0=8GB

Testing Done:

1] Added new 8GB DDR3 RAM on Channel 1 Slot 1 : Failed to Boot up

2] Replaced old 8GB RAM from Channel 1 Slot 0 and added the new one: Saw message on Screen saying "Chasis Message"memory Degraded continue to Procced, when pressed Enter key boots up without any issue. Checked the Status of it on BIOS setting, Specifications looks as other two .

3] Now add two 8GB RAM on Channel 1 Slot 0 and Slot 1 and removed one 8 GB RAM from Channel 0 Slot 1: Again it failed to boot up.

So with above testing I observed that Channel 1 is not able to take complete 16GB load on it.

Any suggestions to fix it.!!!

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