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Using VPro across many client sites


I'm pretty new to this stuff so please forgive me. I've been wading through the training documentation and have some questions.


I work for an IT company that specializes in handling small businesses' needs. We service about 50 local offices, and are interested in what VPro can do for us, especially when it comes to remote remediation.

However, I'd like to avoid a gigantic rollout project to get Vpro up and running if possible. And there doesn't seem to be any way of enabling/accessing the SOL features of AMT without a lot of server-side work.


Ideally, I'd like to have one remote console hosted on our own domain/server that allows us to manage all of our sites' PCs remotely, with SOL features and such.


Failing that, is there a simple way of setting it up at each site? It all seems pretty involved and I've had a difficult time finding a place with answers that aren't buried inside of other documents or webinar training sessions.


Thanks VERY much.
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