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Will VPRO support windows 10 re imaging and repair


Looking for a tool that can remotely re image windows 10 desktops / laptops.

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Intel® vPro™ platform includes Intel® Active Management Technology and its Boot Redirection IDE-R/USB-R feature allows you to boot remote PC from bootable image from IT console.

There are few tools that will allow you to use Boot Redirection:

Above listed Intel tools are free of charge.

Some 3rd party, paid management consoles also support and leverage Intel® Active Management Technology and its Boot Redirection IDE-R/USB-R feature:

There may be other (local) vendor console tools that me or even Intel is not aware as Intel® AMT Software Development Kit (SDK) is publicly avalaible and potentially any ISV can create its own Intel® AMT console SW.

Intel® AMT Boot Redirection IDE-R/USB-R feature can be used to boot remote Intel® vPro™ PC from any bootable image.


One of use cases it to use MS Windows installation bootable image file (.ISO or USB -.img) to boot PC remotely and reimage OS.

I have used MS Windows Media Creation tool to download bootable USB image then converted it to .img file and used this image unmodified directly with Intel® Manageability Commander - IDE-R function to boot Intel® vPro™ PC remotely + used Intel® AMT HW KVM (Remote Desktop function in Intel® Manageability Commander) to see and control installation process GUI remotely.


The whole process over 100Mbps LAN network took approximately 25 min (faster LAN will not speed it up as Intel® AMT Boot Redirection throughput for ME FW 11.x is ~ 25Mbps)

you can also use Intel® vPro™ modules for MS* Power Shell (via GUI) and MS Windows 10 ISO image to boot Intel® vPro™ PC remotely + use Intel® AMT HW KVM from Intel® Manageability Commander to control it or modify ISO for unattended installation.

Intel® AMT HW/FW up to version 10.x supports only DVD image (ISO) and FDD image (.img) for IDE-R - bootable USB image is not supported.

Intel® AMT HW/FW starting from version 11.x in addition to DVD image (ISO) and FDD image (.img) also supports bootable USB image (.img) file as well for its improved USB-R Boot Redirection feature (please note some console tools may still use IDE-R name/label for USB-R feature -as externall API is not changed).

Some console tools itself may support only one selected type of image file -ex. .ISO.

Good luck

Dariusz Wittek


Intel EMEA Biz Client Technical Sales Specialist

Will this also help to take control of a system during Blue screen.

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