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Windows 10 Video Issue Intel HD Grahics 3000


I have been able to get both versions of Windows 10 installed (Enterprise/Pro 64-bit) on my Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop using the Vedio_Intel_W84_X00_A01_Setup-5PFY2_ZPE driver installed using Win 8.1 compatibility mode.

The driver has minor issues during boot up being, it appears to time out and stop responding. I can bring the laptop back to "life" by putting the device into hibernation mode via the power button then, "waking" the laptop backup.

I have a dump/crash report and am wondering if Intel would be able to examine the file and make the appropriate changes to the aforementioned driver.

The beta driver available will not work with the 3000 series graphics component as, Windows 10 simply does not recognize any usable drivers within the code.

In addition, the laptop will start fine within the bootstrap screen allowing me to choose between Enterprise and Pro additions provided I do a complete shutdown restart otherwise, I find myself putting the laptop into hibernation mode, waking it up which brings me back to the OS from which I performed the "restart"

I would be very disappointed to get a simple answer like sorry, go spend another 800 dollars on another laptop because, Intel refuses to work with customers to simply improve this one driver.


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I have a Dell Inspiron N5050 with Intel HD 3000 graphics as well. I installed Windows 10 Home and had nothing but a black screen (no mouse) on boot (after the windows loading logo and before the login screen.) I could get the screen to show by closing and reopening the laptop lid (going into and out of sleep mode). Windows 10 had automatically installed the driver ( Intel® Download Center.) I tried messing with various settings with no success. Finally, I uninstalled the driver through device manager (note: I did NOT check the box to delete the driver software) I then restarted and allowed Windows to automatically install the same driver. I have had no black screen issues so far after multiple restarts/shutdowns.


I also have a Dell Inspiron N5050 with Intel HD graphics, but unfortunately this suggestion did not work for me. I uninstalled the driver and then restarted. It booted and the screen was visible, but at low resolution (presumably using the Windows basic graphics driver), but after about 30 seconds the screen went blank. Again, this is only a presumption, but I guess that Windows had then detected the Intel graphics device and was reinstalling the driver. The screen stayed black and I was back to the situation I had before -- i.e. after every cold restart, I have to let it boot into a black screen, then press the power button to make it hibernate, and then power on again. Only after doing this rigmarole, does the screen appear in normal resolution and I can use the laptop.

I sincerely hope that a fix to the driver for Windows 10 will be available soon.



I too have a dell inspiron n5050 laptop with intel HD 3000 display driver , and I upgraded my windows 7 to windows 10, i had a black screen initially but, I restarted my laptop in safe mode and kablam, i got a my screen back , but stretched , i also had audio issues , but i downloaded the driver separately and installed it in windows 7 compatibility mode and that solved the audio problem.

For the display issue i downloaded the driver seperately but that didn't solve it too, the device manager shows issue when installing Display driver,in compatibility mode.

I am having a hard time understanding the issue here, now i saw that you solved your issue, is that the correct display driver for Inspiron n 5050? is there anyway to know what driver will be suitable for my laptop, i tried the dell support website and ran the update , it showed my laptop is updated till date, and working fine and yet my screen is stretched!!!





I'm helping someone with their Dell Inspiron N5050 that wanted Windows 10, and the upgrade went wrong. I was able to reinstall for them, but the issue that others have been complaining about persists to this day. I have found that the issue is that it is pushing the video out to a non-existent display, instead of just drawing a black screen. However, the process for getting to the login prompt is not something the user wants to deal with, and so far there are no Windows 10 compatible drivers. Are there no plans to create drivers for Windows 10?

Thanks in advance.


Hi RGone,

I'm sorry that you are facing troubles with your Dell platform, I wanted to ask how is this issue related to Intel Setup and Configuration Software?