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about thermal margin and controlling fan speed for E8400


Hi there,

I have recently purchased E8400 and DQ45CB, my bios version is 0063. I monitor hardware using Intel Desktop Utilities (IDU)in which the processor parameter is processor thermal margin. What exactly it is? How is it different from processor temperature? The idle condition value for thermal margin is 70 deg. C and that of heatsink fan rpm is about 815rpm. The fan rpm doesn't change much if cpu load is increased.

I have one strange observation: if the processor is loaded, the value of thermal margin reduces and the heatsink fan rpm, too. Actually, fan rpm should increase under such situations. What exactly is happening? In case of 100% cpu usage, the thermal margin ranges from 45-35 deg. C and fan rpm to 800-809. Though the threshold value of thermal margin as given by IDU is 14 deg. C, cpu would get heated upon loading and fan rpm should increase. But what happens is exactly opposite. If load over cpu is removed, the fan rpm again increases to about 820. Is the cpu or fan heatsink faulty? or the problem is something else? Please help.

Another query is regarding Intel ME password. When I try to enter ME using Ctrl+P, it asks for ME password, which I couldn't get through product guides etc. Where can I get this password?

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