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odering laptops: vPro enable or not?

Hi all, I have to order vPro enabled laptops for my company. My supplier offers me a Dell latitude E6220 laptop with and without vPro at quite a big price difference. Requested specs of these laptops show both have the same processor and chipset (core i5 2520m and QM 67 express). Based on what I read here and other places - I can only come to the conclusing that this laptop type always comes with vPro enabled. Is this correct or am I making a mistake? Thanks for your help.

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Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant UPDATE
Aug 5 2020 – There is an update for Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant and can be downloaded here which includes the enhancements for the following issues: • Issue waking Truly LANless devices wirelessly • Intel® AMT page displaying incomplete information on XEON workstations We recommend upgrading to version as soon as possible to take advantage of the improvements.